The following are the books that I have published

Virtualize Oracle Business Critical Databases, September, 2018 Update : link

My book is now officially available at the VMware Bookstore , at VMworld 2018 Barcelona

Virtualize Oracle Business Critical Databases, August 2017 Update:

This book is a single source of information for an Oracle DBA to understand the benefits of virtualization and how to effectively deploy Oracle Databases on VMware’s SDDC platform. This book is targeted for DBAs looking at implementing Oracle on a virtualized infrastructure. Key topics include deployment, scaling, troubleshooting and performance tuning.

The authors have spent a number of years focusing on virtualizing Tier-One high performance Oracle platforms. The authors include VMware VCPs, VMware vExperts as well as an Oracle ACE, Oracle ACE Director and hold certifications in the Oracle stack.

Imagine a world where your system administrator(s) provisions a fully functional Linux server that is patched with all the up-to-date kernel parameters, updated device drivers, and updated configurations in 1 hour. The time that you make the request to the time that you get access to a server that has a fully configured Red Hat 6/7 or Oracle Linux 6/7 environment is within a couple of hours. On top of all this, the build is consistent and reliable every time. This should be a realistic goal for most companies today, and this book can guide you along your journey.

Oracle Cloud Pocket Solutions Guide: Real Life Solutions for Oracle Cloud

As Cloud Computing has evolved and matured, it has sparked growing interest from the enterprise market where economic pressures are challenging traditional IT operations. Many companies and government agencies are being faced with growing IT costs that originate from multiple sources such as legacy systems, software licensing, power consumption, and operating overhead. Cloud Computing, either through Private or Public cloud initiatives, is focused on addressing these issues by reducing costs through better standardization, higher utilization, greater agility, and faster responsiveness of IT services. Oracle is heavily invested in cloud initiatives and is looking to be one of the leaders in the magic quadrant. Oracle is aiming at contending for the AWS market share just like Microsoft Azure was able to obtain.

Oracle has planted data centers in strategic locations all over the world for their cloud infrastructure. Oracle has strong offerings in SaaS, PaaS and IaaS. In the SaaS space, Oracle already had a strong presence. Even though Oracle continues to invest in their SaaS environment, Oracle has invested significantly in the past couple of years to capture more of the market in the PaaS and IaaS space. This book will address Oracle Cloud fundamentals, Storage Cloud, Database Cloud, and Oracle Database Backup Cloud, as a quick go-to reference guide, as seen by industry experts