VMworld Europe 2019 Virtualizing Applications Track Highlights – Oracle

Oracle Workshop


Architecting and Implementing Oracle Workloads on VMware Technologies [BCA2171TE]


Thursday November 7th


Lead Instructor – Sudhir Balasubramanian @vRacDba


On a mission to arm yourself with the latest knowledge and skills needed to master Oracle workloads virtualization? This VMworld workshop will prepare you to lead the virtualization effort in your organization, with instructor-led demos and in-depth course work designed to put you in the ranks of the IT elite. The class will provide the attendee the opportunity to learn the essential skills necessary to run Oracle implementations on VMware vSphere. The best practices and optimal approaches to deployment, operation and management of Oracle database and application software will be presented by VMware vExpert and Oracle ACE Sudhir Balasubramanian who will be joined by other VMware and industry experts. This technical workshop will exceed the standard breakout session format by delivering “real-life,” instructor-led, live training and incorporating the recommended design and configuration practices for architecting Business Critical Databases on VMware vSphere infrastructure. Subjects such as Real Applications Clusters, Automatic Storage Management, vSAN and NSX , Oracle with vSphere Hardware Accelerators (PVRDMA and Persistent Memory) as well as Oracle running on the VMware Cloud on AWS will be covered in depth.

VMworld Europe this year has a lot to offer for everyone interested in running Oracle workloads efficiently and effectively on VMware vSphere – check out these events and ensure to add them to your schedule.

See you at VMworld 2019 Europe

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