Virtual Volumes for Database Backup and Recovery

Virtual Volumes for Database Backup and Recovery

In the first part of this series we provided a high level view of the benefits of using Virtual Volumes enabled storage for database operations. In this post, we will examine in more detail how Virtual Volumes can improve the backup and recovery capabilities for business critical databases, specifically Oracle.

The backups for Oracle can be Database consistent or Crash consistent. In this part we will look at Database consistent backup and recovery.

The Setup:

The solution requires VVol enabled storage. We leveraged SANBLaze VirtuaLun as the backend storage for the backup and recovery exercise. We used the VirtuaLun 7.3 emulator from SANBlaze. This emulator is VVol enabled and is one of the first VVol certified storage solutions available.

Blog 2 Fig 1Figure 1: SANBlaze Array for VVol Testing

Oracle Database Server:

A Single Instance Oracle 12c Database with Grid Infrastructure with database name VVOL12C was setup in a VMware Virtual Machine named ORACLE-VVOL. The Oracle database was hosted on a 2 vCPU and 8GB RAM VM running Oracle Enterprise Linux 6.6 with space allocated on a SANBlaze LUN

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